supplying specialist UAV surveying solutions and drone / uav based professional 3D models

based in Anglesey, North wales

professional surveying

ORCA can provide state of the art aerial survey, using some of the best UAV/drone technology available.

We can provide our clients with a wide variety of outputs such as 3D mapping and models, volumetric calculations, thermal imaging efficiency, CAD compatible reports, topographical and visual aerial survey. Working with drone/UAV specific software suppliers, we can tailor surveying solutions for a client’s individual needs.

our equipment

Utilizing fixed wing and multi-rotor Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS enabled drones, we can provide the most appropriate solution to your requirements.

Along with our two multi-rotors we also have a specialist surveying fixed wing Sensefly eBee which can cover larger areas such as quarries easily and has a flight time of up to 50 minutes. It is also RTK enabled and so this reduces the need for manual GPS measuring. We analyse all of our data using Pix4d to produce georeferenced 3D models, point clouds, orthomosaics, and orthoplanes, all of which can be directly edited within the software.

Our aerial technology is supplemented by a range of professional grade ground based survey equipment.

great clients

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