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We are ORCA Principle, CAA qualified specialists in aerial drone / UAV technology, filming, and survey

based in Anglesey, North wales

We pride ourselves in using our experience and the latest drone/UAV and camera technology to provide clients with bespoke material whilst eliminating traditional health and safety hazards and reducing costs.

Our goals

our equipment

We have a large array of professional cameras, including a Canon 5Dmk3, SONY A7r, Panasonic GH4 which can all be used from the air and each camera used for its particular strengths.

We do not rely on a ‘one size fits all’ solution, we believe in the right tool for each job.

Our Clients

At Orca we are proud to work with some of the best companies and organisations in North Wales, ranging from Bangor University to the Bulls Head Inn in Beaumaris.

We work hard to develop great relationships and tailor what we do to help our clients reach their goals whilst maintaining a safe and cost effective alternative to traditional methods of image production.

Our UAVs
& Drones

All our UAV pilots are CAA trained and safety is our highest priority


Altura Zenith


The Altura Zenith, the larger of our UAVs, is a modular UAV which can accommodate several different sensor and gimbal combinations up to 2.9kg. It offers real-time HD viewing of footage and up to 35 minutes flight time.

DJI Inspire


The DJI Inspire is a smaller UAV which is suited for closer shots, smaller jobs, and filming in more confined spaces. Flight time per battery is approximately 20 minutes and due to the raisable arms, a full 360° range of smooth filming is available unrestricted.

SenseFly eBee


The senseFly eBee is a fully autonomous drone, with a 50 minute flight time, that can capture high-resolution aerial photos that for use in professionally accurate orthomosaics & 3D models.

our services

Our team has skills in digital media creation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aerial photography, and film production. Due to our specialised equipment we are able to process and produce all of our data in house which allows us to offer our clients a quick turnaround at a reasonable rate. We are also able to provide raw data sets and media for external processing by the client. Currently we split our services into two categories - Mapping and Visuals.


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At ORCA we are able to offer our clients a range of UAV services to produce high quality results tailored to their needs.

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